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Custom Solutions Development :

When the needs of a customer seem unique or when a customer does not want to be restrained by the design or provisions of a product, Custom Solutions Development is the way to go. It brings to you 'made-to-order' solutions involving customized development.

Providing 'solutions' being the focus, INSTANCE SOFT CORP works with diverse technologies and tools, selecting what is appropriate in the given situation. There are teams specializing in Microsoft, Sun, Oracle and IBM technologies in particular. Trainings and high quality assignments ensure that our engineers are always equipped to handle challenges of any assignment. These engineers work with a team of Business Analysts, strategy consultants and creative designers, to conceptualize, design, develop and deploy these solutions.

Usage of Object Oriented approach enables the INSTANCE SOFT CORP teams to identify and develop common objects and components within each project. The standardized processes help development of re-usable objects, which helps speedup the development cycle. Usage of third party components for standard functionalities is also encouraged to reduce the system development and testing time.

INSTANCE SOFT CORP has customized Rational's Unified approach to develop TRACK. A robust software development methodology, specifically designed to meet the challenges of developing systems in this Internet age, TRACK processes are built to take advantage of the offshore development model. The need to work with teams of diverse skill sets has been at the very core of the processes.

Custom Built Solutions could be developed on Turnkey or Time & Material basis. The Offshore Development and Services Center offers a variation of the Time & Material model. It provides for a seamless integration of the INSTANCE SOFT CORP project team with that of the customer's.

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