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11 Compelling Reasons Why to Choose Navigation :

Robust Technology :
Navision has always been a leader in Technology adaptation and even innovation. It was one of the first users of Object Oriented Technology (since 1987) and created a development environment that users rate as one of the best. Technology is used to make things simple and efficient for users. While most of the products are designed to optimize the transactional input they are slow on the information retrieval part.

Generally the information is retrieved through Reports and processing takes time. Navision uses SIFT (Sum index flow technology-patented technology) through which it is possible for the users to avail the OLAP functionality (On-line analytical processing). The acquisition by Microsoft has further ensured that Navision will stay on the cutting edge of technology for years to come.

Rich Functionality :
Navision has incorporated the internationally proven business practices into the application areas, which is evident by its immense installation base of satisfied customers world-wide.

Flexibility :
Easy and fast customization is one of the strongest aspects of Navision. It beats all its competition hands down in this aspect. This flexibility has made diverse range of industries - Manufacturing, Trading, Pharmaceutical, Utilities, Services, IT etc. choose Navision. A user is not forced to re-engineer business processes to use Navision. It can be tailored according to the business practices of the user. Navision comes with the Application source code, Development environment, and Designer tools for tables, forms, Reports and dataports. The application is 100% object oriented. The users can design the forms according to their liking without any programming.

Audit Trail :
Throughout application, user can always drill down and navigate to see the origin of any entry. Throughout the application user also get the facility to apply filters at field level and table level.

Robust Performance :
It ranks among the best in terms of performance both for input and output tasks. SIFT ensures that any information from the system can be retrieved by fetching no more than two records.

Multli-dimensional Analysis :
Multiple dimensions can be defined like Business units, profit centers, locations, departments, projects, product categories etc. and hierarchies can be built. Users can design the balance sheets, Profit and Loss statements and cash/fund flow statements and perform any type of ratio analysis by using the information available in the GL accounts. Users can define the formulae, can perform YTY analysis, Budget/Actual analysis, use the timeline of daily, weekly, monthly, Yearly and accounting periods.

Scalability :
Navision is an integrated application but the user purchases only the granules/functionalities, which he requires. As the need grow, other granules can be purchased whenever required. The number of users can be increased as and when required.

Internet Technologies :
Navision offers three web based components - Commerce portal, User Portal and Commerce Gateway to help the enterprise leverage Internet technologies. With these components the users can have B2C and B2B applications.

Application Hyper Linking :
Navision supports hyperlinks to forms and Reports. This enables the users to share information through email. For example, a sales person sends email to the sales manager to change the credit limit of a customer. On receiving the email the manager can click on the hyperlink, Navision will start automatically and customer information will be shown automatically. All the reports can also be sent through email. Navision automatically converts Navision report into HTML document and attaches it in the mail.

Localized Version :
Navision offers its users the localized version, which caters to all the statuary requirements like Sales Tax, Excise and TDS. The users do not have to pay for localization.

Support :
Navision committed itself to provide first-rate training and support to Solution Centers and Customers by establishing local offices like Navision (India) and Navision Academies. The open application source code, along with the support of Navision, have made sure that no client was ever left alone to suffer the incompetence of a Solution Center. Microsoft has carried forward this commitment and further strengthened it through its infrastructure.

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