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Internet and Mobile Solutions :

Providing customers, partners and employees Anytime, Anywhere access to relevant Enterprise Applications, Information and Data has become increasingly business critical. While content management and eCommerce formed the first generation of internet applications, extended enterprise today need both Internet and Mobile enabled solutions for Sales Force Automation, Service Management, Campaign Management, and other operational needs of ERP, Supply-Chain and CRM.

INSTANCE SOFT CORP uses diverse web and mobile technologies/ tools to deliver these solutions. The technology team specialized in Microsoft, Sun, Oracle and IBM technologies, provides both custom built as well as product based solutions.

Commerce Portal and Commerce Gateway from Navision provide the most effective way to web enable Navision powered organizations. The INSTANCE SOFT CORP team has also created Microsoft and Java based add-on solutions that integrate with Navision.

Mobile wireless forms based applications are designed, developed and deployed using tools from our partners. These applications can be integrated to work with existing applications and ERP systems like Navision.

e-Web is our Content Management and eCommerce development framework, available on both Microsoft and Oracle Technologies, that we use on select projects.
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