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Overview :

An intricate, interconnected network of information, extended enterprises can only be built on top of strong IT foundations. To ensure success, they require solutions that are robust, scalable and address the needs of finance, sales & marketing, customer relationships, supply-chain, retail, service, human resource, e-Commerce, partner collaborations and business analytics. And to tie these all together, they require services that are world-class.

INSTANCE SOFT CORP brings to its customers custom built and product based solutions to meet the entire gamut of these business needs. One of the leading and most successful Microsoft Business Solutions (now Microsoft Dynamics) Partner, INSTANCE SOFT CORP customizes and implements solutions based on Navision to provide its customers ERP, Supply - Chain and CRM functionality.

The focus being on providing solutions, we use diverse technologies (Microsoft, Sun, Oracle, IBM), middleware, third party products and even the MBS offerings, to enable our customers do business (B2B and B2C) over internet and mobile.

The world leading dynaSight and insight from arcPlan are used to derive business intelligence from enterprise data.

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